Support Black Business in Little Haiti All Year Long

Black History Month may be over but Welcome to Little Haiti encourages you to support black businesses all year long.  Patronize these businesses in Little Haiti to support the local economy. 

Grab a cup of Bonjour Blend Gourmet Haitian Coffee and read about the owners of our favorite local gems. 

  • Haitian Heritage Museum

  • As an empowering cultural arts innovator, Eveline Pierre is also co-founder and executive director of the first Haitian museum outside of Haiti, Haitian Heritage Museum. As an inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Eveline earned accolades for accomplishments in both art and entertainment. She hopes to create a legacy for future generations while educating others about the Haitian community's contributions in Miami and the Caribbean. 

    Haitian Heritage Museum recently housed the Smithsonian traveling exhibition Voices and Votes Democracy in America. If you haven't visited the Haitian Heritage Museum, check them out at

  • IPC Art Space

  • Meet Carl Juste of IPC ArtSpace 1947.  More than just a gallery, IPC Art Space inspires a sense of community with cultural events, artist talks and more. Since 1991, Carl has been a photojournalist for Miami Herald and has won numerous awards over the years including a Pulitzer Prize. Carl is the proud son of Viter Juste, known as the Father of "Little Haiti" who coined the term "Little Haiti" in a Miami Herald article in 1977. 

    To see pictures of IPC ArtSpace 1947 last exhibit ”Deja Vu”, a collection of artwork of a dozen artists over the last 15 years. We can't wait to see IPC Art Space's next exhibit.

    For more information, visit

  • Print Giants

  • Meet Claude Victor Saint Surin and Raoul Olivier Cedras, the dynamic duo of Print Giants, Little Haiti's premier commercial printing services.  Print Giants has brought the vision of Welcome to Little Haiti to life with the production of our branding including business cards, labels, mugs and more. We can't be more thankful and proud to be their customers. 

    Print Giants mixes traditional and modern technology to craft cutting edge designs with a premium finish. So, whether you're interested in printing graphic tees, backpacks or business cards, Print Giants has you covered. In need of signage, vehicle wrapping or commercial branding ideas, contact them to see your product through completion.  

    Learn more at

  • Manjay Restaurant

  • Growing up in a hospitality family, Christian Dominique was on the path to becoming a restaurateur for years before he realized the industry had the keys to his heart + soul. In Haiti, Christian’s grandmother would teach him how to cook after he showed interest in the kitchen. Fast forward a bit, now as the owner and operator of Manjay Restaurant, one of Little Haiti's most mouth-watering restaurants, Christian, does a great job infusing the island vibe through every dish.

    Here’s the Scoop! Manjay recently announced that they have a new food truck, and a brick-and-mortar location in Wynwood coming this spring. Stay up to date with Manjay at

  • MUCE 305

  • Of course, you've heard of Miami Urban Contemporary Experience! But did you know that in addition to providing art installations, MUCE also provides pop-ups, festivals, live painters, experiential marketing and more?  We know pop-ups provide amazing opportunities to reach and meet new customers in person, and let businesses test the waters before investing in a store-front. So, if you're looking to do the next big thing and need a hand, contact Miami Urban Contemporary Experience. 

    Quick Note: MUCE's sister non-profit MUCE EDUCATES also provides workshops and hosts an open air market on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month--circulating the dollar within our arts and small business community. Hosting (25) vendors, the open Air market also offers free wellness workshops like yoga, salsa, konpa, sound bowl meditations, live music and more. 

    Want to know more? Visit

  • B & Market 

    Little Haiti's influx of culture is home to a mixture of delectable cuisines and restaurants from the world over.  Enter B&M Market, a West Indian bodega owned by a Guyanese couple, the store boasts Trinidadian, Jamaican and Guyanese favorites like ackee and saltfish, jerk chicken, oxtail, cow-foot stew, roti… you name it!  Opened in 1980, the market has strong influences from the Caribbean.  At one point, the community surrounding the grocery store and restaurant was heavily populated by Jamaicans. B&M market still serves as a favorite hotspot for locals and tourists, alike.  Six years ago, the market was featured on CNN’s "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" with the late Anthony Bourdain.  While much has changed since then, the market’s succulent tastes for Caribbean-influenced favorites remain the same. Stop by the next time you’re searching for something good to treat your tastebuds. 


    B&M Market is located at 219 Northeast 79th Street, right here in Little Haiti. Order online at


  • Tap Tap Tours 

    Explore Little Haiti by participating in a tour to see, learn and experience Little Haiti's rich history.  Meet our favorite tour guide, Jean Dondy Cidelca and spend the day all around Little Haiti and discovering its hidden treasures. 


    At each stop, Cidelca gives you history and along the way shares some of his own. While he’s now officially a local, he has a journey of his own. Cidelca moved to Miami 17 years ago from Haiti.  As a Haitian-American, his story is unique and yet in some ways similar to others who have moved to sunny South Florida.  But who can better tell his story than he? Fluent in English and Kreyol and a dab of French, Cidelca has many ways to share the knowledge, history and culture with you. 


    Visit and choose a tour that suits you!