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  • Discover Little Haiti

Discover Little Haiti

Discover Little Haiti

Welcome to Little Haiti

As a social impact company, Welcome to Little Haiti strives to preserve and highlight Haitian arts, food and culture through its products by recreating Haiti's island experience at home. Welcome to Little Haiti aims to showcase Haiti’s vibrant culture presence in the Little Haiti community.

Bonjour Blend Haitian Coffee

Haitian Coffee made of 100% Arabica beans from Haiti's Mountainous Regions and cultivated using the same method for 250 years. Our Bonjour Blend is a medium dark roast resulting in a smokey taste with hints of raw bittersweet chocolate.  This coffee is best described as full-bodied, smooth and low acidity. 


"Love the packaging. The coffee tasted amazing. I will be ordering again."


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Bonjour Blend Coffee Cocktail