Welcome to Little Haiti’s Top 5 Places to Visit

  • 1. Little Haiti Cultural Center

212 NE 59th Ter, Miami, 33137



The Little Haiti Cultural Center is the anchor of Little Haiti showcasing Afro-Caribbean culture.  This cultural facility includes an art gallery, art rooms, theater, dance rooms and the Caribbean Marketplace. Experience visual and performing art all year round through its cultural programming.  Check out an art exhibit in the art gallery, shop for one of the kind art pieces and crafts at the Caribbean Marketplace or see a performance in the auditorium theater. 

  • 2. Libreri Mapou

5915 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33137



Since 1990 Libreri Mapou has been a cultural mecca to Little Haiti. It’s a bookstore, cultural center and community hub.  As a bookstore, Libreri Mapou carries hundreds of books in Creole, French and English covering every topic imaginable. As a cultural center, the store has a collection of Haitian arts, crafts and paintings. Its outside stage provides a space for community meetings and all artistic performances. Make sure to pick up a bottle of Kremas Mapou (the Haitian version of eggnog made with Haitian Rhum) made by the store owner, Jan Mapou.

  • 3. Toussaint Louverture Statue

Located at North Miami Avenue and N.E. 62nd St

In a small city park stands the statue of Toussaint Louverture, Haiti’s fearless leader of the Haitian Revolution in 1804 which overthrew the French reign of the island of Haiti.  Haiti’s Revolution was the first successful slave revolution in history. 

  • 4. Muce Campus

246 NW 54th St, Miami 33127



Muce is an artistic community hub in the heart of Little Haiti offering a multidimensional art experience.  The campus houses an art gallery, event space, summer camp and artist residency program.  With monthly new art exhibit there is always something to explore at Muce.  Shop arts and crafts at its weekly open-air market with vendors selling natural and handmade products. 

  • 5. Street Art 

 54th St and 62nd St from N.E 2nd Ave to NW 5th Ave

Take a self-guided tour around Little Haiti and discover a vivid oasis of murals painted by local and international artists. At almost every turn along 54th and 62nd Streets in Little Haiti, you will discover mesmerizing street art including those by legendary artist Serge Toussaint. Prepare for your trip by researching murals at The Little Haiti Mural Project curated by Yo Space.